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As part of the Oxfordshire Artweeks festival (2-25 May) we were fortunate enough to have an article written about our work by Esther Lafferty, one of the organisers of Oxfordshire Artweeks and posted in the online magazine OX Mag.

This article brings attention to our film A Home Isolation, which was made when the UK first went into a national lockdown.

To read the whole article please click on the link below.

A Home In Isolation; How it came about

The dance film came about as I was aware that the arts and performing arts were greatly affected by the pandemic and the impact this could have on future work, as well as the health and well being of artists throughout the UK.

As our creative work is about moving the stories and experiences of real people, I decided to post a question in a FB group, created because of the pandemic. I asked artists within the group what their experiences had been once in a nation wide lockdown and if they had any words, thoughts, image or movement that could sum this up.

We had a great response to the question, seeing lots of artists sharing their experiences. From here we collaborated with a poet who read through the comments to create a short poem, that formed part of the dance films sound track.

To help generate authentic and honest movement, the dancers were asked to read through the comments to see if there was any they may or may not have identified with. They then were invited to chose a room in their own home that they felt most comfortable in, to then film their solos. The dancers were asked to film a variety of movements that then later was edited into the final film. Sadly there was a lot of material that was not included, as this made the film quite long, and we had wanted to create a short film that audiences could easily what on social media platforms and at exhibitions. It is hoped that when funding can be secured in 2021, we can then have this film professionally edited, which may include more movement material.

A Home In Isolation is merely a marker of what many people may be feeling throughout this year, and hopes to be a creative piece that supports the viewer’s in knowing they are not alone in how they feel and that it is ok to have tough days. That even when in isolation there are still ways to stay connected and to be with others.

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