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Neoteric Dance Company

Sharing the stories of our Armed Forces and Veterans in the UK


About Us

Neoteric Dance Company is an alternative dance & mixed media company, who creates bespoke and innovative dance films, live and site-specific performances.

To date, our projects have focused on exploring and breaking down stigma around mental health & social issues, that are important to the company's artists, audiences and the wider community. We are passionate about creating works that bring awareness to those that feel unheard, unseen and undervalued.

This has seen the company work closely with veterans and their families to create dance films and wellbeing projects, that share their individual and collective lived experiences of living with combat related PTSD and additional mental health issues. Through this ongoing work, we aim to bridge the gap between dancers, artists, the Armed Forces & audiences to share the impact that conflict and being in the Armed Forces can have on an individual and their families.

Collaboration is at the heart of our company's work; seeing dance and the creative world coming together to create works that are fresh, engaging, innovative, thought provoking and allow the audiences to connect with the work as they wish.


Neoteric Dance Company creates and performs works that are inclusive and accessible to all, whilst also offering workshops, well-being sessions and career development in dance performance.